Admin’s Diary #1

As I further develop my game, I am reminded once more as to why I usually give up my gazillion other websites. The fact remains, I can’t be bothered to.  Its not that updating this website is a chore, it is merely time consuming. Time better spent programming.

Please look at the many different features that this website has:

Reviews Page – A page of reviews on different video games.
Tutorials Page– A page of tutorials on programming (mainly RM VX Ace)
Resources Page – A page full of useful links for game making resources.
Projects Page – A list of games that I will release/am working on.

So look out for future updates!

– BladesofJustice


Developer’s Diary #1

This is my first official Developer’s Diary entry!

Progress on my unnamed game is going well, however I am back to square one with my graphics. Although the retro graphics do look awesome, they don’t match well with anything else. I am really strugglying to find characters, enemy graphics and even backrounds that fit with this style. So therefore I am turning to Mack’s Tileset (which can be found here MY MIND IS BLOWN. That tileset is a pure work of art (sorry RadScythe) and I can’t get enough of it. It is basically a better looking version of the original tilesets with extra add ons.

I have finished my review on Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D and it is up on the reviews page if you want to look at it. I will do my Ruins of Rydor review sometime soon, but I want to wait untill I have actually finished the game.

People from the University of Aberdeen will be coming to my School on thursday to do a video game workshop with us. We will be developing an app for the iPhone. With my programming knowledge, I will already be a step ahead!

Please take some time to answer this poll for my research:

Thank you.

Untill next time valiant ninja warriors!

– BladesofJustice

The First Post!

I am creating this excellent blog so I can stop myself from going insane, and keep you posted on my latest video game revolutions.

I start this blog with a discovery Specifically RPG Maker VX Ace. My amazing friend bought it for me for Christmas and I have had a lot of fun with it! Look out for future releases created with this software.

However, I soon ran into a problem. It is a common problem that all too many game making software suffers from. It allows n00bs to make games. Now I know that we were once all n00bs, and that the software is made exactly for that purpose but even so, it is the cause and root of many problems. Because there are too many games, it is way too hard to find a decent one.

Personally, I think of RPG Maker VX Ace as not a tool for n00bs to make mediocre RPGs, but a powerful tool for real pros and developers to make something really special.

My main gripe is just how difficult it is to find a good game. I mean, I’m literally wading through rubbish and cheap games and only every 1 in 50 games is worthwhile downloading. But how do I even know how good they are? I ignore adverts posted in forum signatures as I just find most of them uninteresting.

I have a really good recommendation though. I know a game called Ruins of Rydos which is a NES styled bare bones dungeon crawler. It has actually inspired me to create one similar to it, both aesthetically and in terms of game play.

I strongly recommend you download it here:

Anyways, bookmark this website and look again for future projects!